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Website Design

Using the very latest web design technologies, you can be sure your new site will be visually appealing, easy to use and 100% secure.

Graphic Design

From logos to websites, you can get anything designed at a great price.

Lead Generation

Are you ready to stop chasing pointless leads? So much time is wasted by small businesses, trying to bring in new customers..

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Content Creation

As a small business owner, are you wondering just how important “content” really is to your online presence?

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Facebook Marketing

Are you stuck at a dead-end trying to get your business noticed on social media? Or maybe you haven’t even started on social media yet, even though you know you should be there.
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Local Seo

With 97% of consumers searching for businesses online, it has never been more important for you company to establish a VISIBLE online presence.

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Make Sure Customers Can Find You!

Marketing your small business can be tough. But without an attractive website with built-in marketing features, it could be a waste of your time.

As you know, most consumers today go online to find local products and services. And if your website is outdated, slow-loading, or simply just hard on the eyes, you may notice that it’s not doing anything at all to help you increase leads and sales.

Or maybe you don’t even have a website at all which means you have no virtual home, which would be an instant turn-off for most of your potential customers.

Instead, many of them are probably going to your close competitors who have taken measures to establish an online home where people can learn more about their business. Not only that, but this is where they are converting their leads into new customers with various marketing features such as lead capture, videos, blogging, and more.

As you can imagine, this puts your company at a major disadvantage and could seriously impact your ability to grow.

What I Do

Whether you’re looking to have your first website created, or looking to give your site a complete redesign, I will work with you to create a high quality, easy to manage site that accurately reflects your brand.
One thing that sets me apart from many of my competitors is our dedication to custom website development. This means I don’t just use standard templates and generic content. Everything from the websites functionality and appearance, to the user experience will be built in accordance with your requirements.

In this digital age, with millions of websites out there, standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. But I have you covered. Our focus is making sure each and every one of our clients have the best website to meet their specific individual needs based on your target audience and what you want to accomplish.

Ready to get started?

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Who I Am

Website Designer Barry D. Manning has been creating high quality, engaging content for over 12 years. Based in Randolph Maine, I specialize in supplying content to local businesses looking to establish a more dominant online presence.

When it comes to a solid online presence, content is now the foundation. It has the power to give you an edge over your competitors and send more customers through your doors.

However, there are a lot of things that could go wrong when it comes to content creation. The first one being that you neglect it all together due to the amount of time and effort it takes to do it effectively.

I don’t just create content; I am dedicated to helping you use content to get in front of the RIGHT audience so you can get the exposure your company deserves.

As a content marketing expert, my goal is to supply you with the type of content that pulls in leads on auto-pilot while you focus on running your business.
My content is written to get more traffic to your website AND convert that traffic into SALES.

Contact me today to receive a free quote and find out how I can help with your content creation and marketing needs!

How I Can Help Your Business

I am content marketing expert with over 12 years of experience, so I know exactly how to craft content that accurately reflects your brand and deliver excellent results.

Struggling to keep visitors on your website? Or maybe you’re having trouble getting people TO your website?If you’re failing to get people to really notice your business online, the problem could be your content.

The very popular phrase “content is king” has been thrown around so much these days that some people miss the REAL meaning. It’s actually one of the truest statements you will find in the digital marketing world.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Don’t see the answer to your questions?
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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation and publishing of content that is both valuable and relevant to your target market. This content in turn helps to convert people into customers.
Content creation and content marketing are often associated with website content. However, it can relate to any form of digital content including blogging, videos, images, and social media posts.

Will I have to come up with topics?

We understand that coming up with new topics and ideas for content can be difficult. If you’re struggling or if you simply don’t have the time, we will be happy to come up with relevant, timely topics for you. We have extensive knowledge in a wide range of sectors and know how to create content that accurately speaks to your audience.

Will I own the copyright to the content?

Absolutely. We work on a ‘for hire’ basis which means all copyright gets passed on to you upon completion. This means you can use the content however you want to; including assigning its credit to staff members. As soon as payment has been received you have exclusive rights over the content.

Can I use my own keywords?

Yes. If you have any specific keywords you would like us to include in the content, just let us know. Alternatively, we can work with you to discover which keywords would best fit your content and which are likely to get the best results. You are in complete control over how you want the content to look. So we welcome any keyword lists. We also recommend using high-tail keywords for best results. Not sure what they are? Don’t worry, our experts are here to help!

Is the content created 100% original?

Yes. Our expert team create each piece of content from scratch. We will never copy and paste and it is guaranteed that all content will be 100% unique. (your company) will also never repost, duplicate or sell the content to any third party. We take pride in offering a fully unique service.

How much will it cost?

The cost will depend upon how much content you need, as well as the nature of the content. Before you hire us we give a free, no obligation quotation after discussing your requirements. There will never be any unexpected costs added on. If for any reason the cost changes, for example if the scope of the job changes, we will discuss this with you before continuing.

Our Contacts
We are a small business located in and serving the hardworking people of Maine. (services are not limited to Maine businesses)
207 200 1405
Randolph Maine, 04346